Our Clients

60% Of Our Clients Are Families

Loaves and Fishes is committed to meeting the need for emergency food in our community and we need your help. We are averaging now 1,700 bags a month, this allows us to give around 15,000 pounds of food every month.

We do not only serve the homeless 60% of our clients are families.
A fast and extremely effective way to help is to donate money. We purchase food from local food banks at extremely low prices and we supplement what we can get from those banks from food we buy from discount and bulk retailers. This allows us to provide a lot of food for a low cost. It’s not free, though. Cash allows us to continue buying food in large quantities from these sources and to keep getting it into the hands of people who need it.
An emergency food bag from Loaves and Fishes contains peanut butter, beans, canned fruit, canned vegetables, tuna, soup, pasta, rice, sugar, dry milk, coffee or tea, and bread.
We also need toiletries. Many of our clients are unhoused and it is especially important to offer them ways to maintain their hygiene at this time.

We need small bars of soap, clean tube socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, small containers of hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes.
We accept donations of canned foods and shelf-stable staples, of course. And if you have something else to donate and you aren’t sure if we can use it or not, please reach out.

What we offer our clients

Nutritionally Balanced Bags: Every bag we provide ensures a balanced nutritional intake, containing a source of protein, fruit, vegetable, and grain.

Cook vs. No Cook Bags:

Cook Bags: Designed for clients with access to kitchen facilities, including stove tops and refrigeration. Examples include dried rice, beans, and pasta.

No Cook Bags: Ready-to-eat meals suitable for clients without access to cooking amenities. Examples include Cup of Noodles, canned soups, and canned pastas.

Distribution Day: On distribution days, regardless of bag type, clients receive fresh protein, fruits, vegetables, baked breads, and dairy products to complement their meals.

Hygiene Kits: Each hygiene kit contains essential items for personal care including shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, a hair comb, and a pair of Bombas socks.

Women’s Hygiene: In addition to standard hygiene kits, we provide tampons and pads upon request to support the specific needs of women.

Pet Food: We cater to the needs of unhoused companions by offering dog food, cat food, and a toy for their furry friends.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Upon request, clients can receive essential PPE such as hand sanitizer or N95 face masks to prioritize their health and safety.