Consider Giving

Why we need your financial contributions:

The reality of reducing hunger is that it costs money.  This is true for most support agencies, not just ours.  

Less than half of the food we distribute is donated.  The rest is purchased from San Diego Food Bank, Feeding San Diego, and one of our grocery partners.  These organizations must buy their food, as well.  It is at a reduced price, and we are grateful that this is passed on to us.  Still, we have a food bill each and every week which has grown, as all food costs have, and as our client base increases. 

The $100 you spend at the supermarket, may buy 100 pounds of pasta.  That same $100 spent at San Diego Food Bank could help us buy ten times that amount.

Consider giving now!

Linda Cobb - L&F Food Partner Liaison

Linda Cobb
L&F Food Partner Liaison

Let’s Team up and Make a Difference!

Sponsoring Hygiene Kits.

A $100.00 donation will buy one box containing 96 Hygiene Kits, packed with essentials that many of us often take for granted.

The Pantry distributes 4 boxes of these kits every month. That’s a total of 384 Hygiene Kits.

We know that generosity comes in all shapes and sizes, and every contribution matters. Your support, whether big or small, helps us continue this vital mission. Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to these essential items, promoting dignity and hygiene.